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Bitter test of freedom & democracy in Ethiopia

Ethiopians have paid a considerable price for their freedom and independence. They have registered a remarkable history for defeating external colonial forces. Ethiopians have also paid tremendous sacrifices in their fight against dictatorship and totalitarianism. The recent political reform in the country has sparked a light of hope for freedom and democracy, but it is not without challenges.

The reformists in Ethiopia are striving to bring democratic change in a country controlled by deep state and brutal dictatorship for over a century. The challenges, dilemmas, compromises and pitfalls that they face, therefore is not an easy one. A grenade attack during a solidarity rally in Addis Ababa that left civilians dead and wounded is one example of this challenge. While we condemn this outrageous attack on civilians in Addis Ababa, we also warn the Ethiopian authorities and people to exercise a maximum precaution.

We offer a heartfelt thought of comfort and deepest condolences to the grieving families and a strong solidarity to Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed. We also urge Prime Minister Dr Abiy to continue his reform agenda and the task of uniting the Ethiopian people. The battle against dictatorship will be complete only by democratizing the country, ensuring peace and stability, sustaining rapid economic growth and empowering the Ethiopian people. In this journey, activists, civil societies and independent medias play a critical role in exposing the ulterior motives of dictators and corrupt officials, by providing context specific analysis of democratic political thought, and by facilitating democratic transition in the country and thus, needs to be encouraged.

“A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again” -Maya Angelou


The East African Policy Research Institute

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