EAPRI opens new office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The East African Policy Research Institute (EAPRI) is opening its first field office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This is an effort to expand EAPRI’s presence in East Africa and to support the transitional process in Ethiopia, said Dr Andarge Taye, the Deputy Director of the Institute. The current reform and transition in Ethiopia is a unique opportunity that needs to be exploited, otherwise the institute is also planning to expand its presence to other East African countries including Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, added the Deputy Director.

The new office in Addis Ababa is expected to join policy scholars who work to provide critical information that guides policy formulation, revision and implementations, design models and frameworks for the institutional reform, inclusive dialogue, national healing and reconciliation in the country. EAPRI is also planning to host policy students and interns to help them broaden their education, research and experiences.

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    Darara Dadhii Saturday, 04 August 2018 19:45

    This is a good move

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EAPRI aims to fill the gap between research, policy and practice not only by providing objective policy research that influence policy agenda and choices but also by strengthening capacity in policy evidence utilization and political commitment for its implementation. 

At EAPRI, we believe in the power of critical information in building a brighter future. Our focus is on the opportunities and challenges of attaining the development visions and goals of the nations of East Africa region. Currently having our East African Office located in Addis Ababa, we are collaborating with governmental and non-governmental organizations to provide evidences that influence policy in the region. In Ethiopia, we are currently working on, among others, urban social reconstruction, youth development and employment, dialogue and reconciliation, and rural development and food safety.