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The East African Policy Research Institute is an independent and non-profit policy think tank that is established to foster independent and critical research on key policy issues, organize & facilitate policy dialogue, strengthen capacity in policy evidence utilization & implementation, provide state of the arts policy consultancy & advocacy at all levels, & support community development initiatives in the East African region and beyond.

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At EAPRI, we believe in the power of critical information in creating change agents & building a brighter future. Thus, we are committed to providing high-quality research and analysis that inform policy decision, facilitating productive policy dialogue and strengthening policy capacity to inspire sustainable policy solutions in the East African region. 

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To be the leading institute in policy research, capacity building and policy dialogue facilitation in East Africa.



To conduct in-depth, actionable and fact-based policy research, strengthen policy capacity and facilitate policy dialogue in order to create change agents and smoothen democratic transition in the East Africa region.

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Our mandate is to create an informed change agent and to support meaningful democratic transitions, peace, stability and prosperity in the East African region through evidence-based policy research and analysis, capacity building, policy dialogue and consultancy services.

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EAPRI has been established with the following five overarching objectives:

  1. Produce & interpret empirical evidence to inform policy formulation
  2. Organize & facilitate policy dialogue to create consensus on pressing national & regional policy matters
  3. Strengthen capacity in policy evidence utilization & political commitment for its implementation
  4. Provide state of the arts consultancy/advisory services & lead advocacy for the necessary policy change in the region
  5. Supporting community development initiatives globally

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Guiding Philosophy

The East African region has an enormous potential for development. There is unrecognized capacity, strength and resource in the region. A meaningful and sustainable peace and development in the region, we believe, starts from recognizing these untapped potentials and engaging the people in their own affairs. Thus:

  • EAPRI capitalize on recognizing the potential in the region and creating change agents from within
  • We follow a holistic approach. We work with other partners to realize holistic transition in the region
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Community & Networking
At EAPRI, we believe in teamwork & collaborations.....
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We publish books, journal articles, policy briefs and many more........ 
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Our multimedia collections include vedios, audios & written materials........
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Our Centers

EAPRI has divided its activities under five major policy centers and capacity building areas:

Agriculture, Rural Development & Natural Resources Policy Center

Agriculture is the mainstay of the East African economy. Natural resource is centeral for agriculture and agriculture is key for food security in the region ....

Community & CapDev Center

Our aim is to empower people and to create change agents in the region...

Facilitation, Consultancy & Advocacy Center

Facilitation, consultancy and advocacy is a valuable tool for change...

Social & Economic Policy Center

Social & economic development is a critical dimension of sustainable societal development. Society is the sum of its social institutions....

Governance, Human Security & Democracy Policy Center

Human security is a challenge in East African. Lack of good governance & democracy adds to human vulenerability.....  

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EAPRI is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to produce emprical policy evidence, facilitate dialogue and strengthen capacity in policy evidence utilization and implementations. In achieving this goal, we spent a great deal of time and money and we would appreciate any amount of donation from individuals and organizations interested to support our works.To donate click on the button below.
If you want your checkbook to follow your heart, make a donation to those doing work you support ~ Donna Brazile


EAPRI organize various events that feature viewpoints across the social & political spectrum, promoting constructive, thoughtful, and respectful dialogue on the issues that matter most to the region...
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EAPRI provide various capacity building and facilitation skill training programs....
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Something more About Us

EAPRI aims to fill the gap between research, policy and practice not only by providing objective policy research that influence policy agenda and choices but also by strengthening capacity in policy evidence utilization and political commitment for its implementation. 

At EAPRI, we believe in the power of critical information in building a brighter future. Our focus is on the opportunities and challenges of attaining the development visions and goals of the nations of East Africa region. Currently having our East African Office located in Addis Ababa, we are collaborating with governmental and non-governmental organizations to provide evidences that influence policy in the region. In Ethiopia, we are currently working on, among others, urban social reconstruction, youth development and employment, dialogue and reconciliation, and rural development and food safety.